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A Celebration

of Artist Mothers!

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Being Creative While Growing People is Hard.

We are a community of women navigating the challenges of staying creative while raising littles and that's why it's FREE to join our Collaboration of Creative Mamas!

Hi There! Curious to know more?

We are a group of humans juggling school schedules, laundry, baths and bedtime with our littles. We are burning the midnight oil and finding pockets of time to create and grow as individuals. This is a joyful space and community meant to connect and uplift artist mothers. We are an inclusive circle of all who identify as mother creatives.


Give our featured creatives some love! It's FREE to become a featured artist! We'd love you to share your talent and ambitions. Fill out our collaboration form or tag your work on Instagram with #ommacreatives. We can't wait to hear from you!